Things that make you go… “What the Hell ?!?”

July 17, 2007

I just discovered a blog written by a muslima who is wife #1 in a polygynous marriage.

OK so I am not against polygyny on principle (obviously).

But when I read that her husband had taken a second wife without informing her I was FURIOUS. FURIOUS!  For crying out loud, how can you justify keeping something like that a secret from your wife for ANY length of time?  Anybody got an explanation? What could he have been thinking?

 If my husband did that to me (may Allah protect me from such a thing) I would be emotionally crushed but I would also be spitting nails.  If you are having sex with someone else I have a right to know damnit! How could a man do that and then his wife finds out after weeks or months? She has been sleeping with him all this time not even knowing that he has been exchanging bodily fluids with someone else, possibly exposing her to an itchy rash or something worse!  At the very least you’d think a sister would be entitled to a blood test from a possible additional wife before the wedding!  Damn!


7 Responses to “Things that make you go… “What the Hell ?!?””

  1. muslimahwarrior Says:

    The sad thing is im not even suprised anymore, but i do recall being furious and my blood boiling when i first heard of this widespread practise.

  2. foreverloyal Says:

    I really think that sisters should not stand for this. What kills me is that it often seems like the brothers who do this cannot afford a second wife in the first place.

  3. smee Says:

    Oh there are sadly a lot of cases out there. I stick with your du’a…May Allah SWT protect me from such a thing…ameen.

  4. india Says:

    If this is an American Muslim man then my concern is that the second wife is often a legal mistress to carry out a little freaky sneaky and not a legitimate wife. Men of understanding know it is better to have one wife.

  5. oskana Says:

    Can you mention this muslimah’s blog, i would love to see it.

  6. Stargazer Says:

    Also….what kind of low woman marries a man in secret? Marriage is not supposed to be secret in islam…hence the purpose of witnesses and Walima.

    Pure shady! I wish my husband would, I would go Loraine Bobbit on him!

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