I’m not the only one…

July 26, 2007

I came across the blog today of another “interracially” married black American muslima.  We are not unheard of, in fact when you see a white american muslim male he very likely has a black wife.  I don’t know how many of us are bloggers though.  Anyway, her blog is not only about her marriage and family life although she has several posts on those subjects.  It is UmmAdam’s blog and is in the link on your right.


One Response to “I’m not the only one…”

  1. Amelia Says:

    In Australia, Alhamdulilah, its very common for interracial marriages especially amongst the Muslim community. Infact I can honestly say 95% of muslims of my generation are not married to someone from their own culture. I’m actually surprised its seemingly such an issue where you are.

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