Playing ball in the house

July 29, 2007

As a teenager, when I would see commercials or TV shows in which a father was depicted playing ball in the house with the kids, (while the mother looks on with resigned exasperation) I used to scoff. “Ridiculous!” I thought.  “Grown men do not play ball in the livingroom!”  I thought it was some anti-male propaganda designed to make men look immature.

Fast forward to July 26, 2007.  A quiet street.  My very own husband, playing baseball with my very own son.  In the livingroom.  I stand corrected about the behavior of fathers, but I look on with a smile instead of a frown.  My son is thrilled to pieces to have my husband’s full attention,  to spend some time playing with the bat and ball that daddy surprised him with.  He bends at the knees and leans forward slightly, his face a mixture of joy and concentration.  His bat is poised mid-air, ready to swing.  My daughter is curled up on the couch, already deeply engrossed in a book that daddy picked out just for her.

How could I be upset?  My children have a father that always takes time to play with them.  Who tosses them in the air, laughs with them, always asks them “What did you do today?”

And I have a husband who makes sure to buy soft foam balls for playing baseball in the livingroom.


One Response to “Playing ball in the house”

  1. ummadam Says:

    It’s nothing like seeing a father playing with his children. well maybe a father changing a diaper…

    Anyhoo, care to let me know who you are?!

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