Stay-at-Home Moms are Parasites

August 21, 2007

That seems to be the new idea, anyway. 

It used to be argued that women were being oppressed if they stayed home to manage the household and take a more active role in parenting their children.  It was a kind of “darn those evil men” sentiment.  Then came the view that staying at home wasn’t all that important, but good enough for those women who chose not to engage their brains and have a real purpose.

I first came upon this latest idea while watching a discussion on the book “The Feminine Mistake” on C-Span.  The author had some really good points, but I digress.  What really caught my attention was the assertion put forth by one of the women in the audience during the Q & A session.  (Paraphrasing) she said that men were starting to want partners and not some parasite who was just going to live off of their hard work.



Because if you’re not “earning profit,” as the Ferengei would say, then clearly you’re not worth much of anything and only serve to drain some of the life from your husband.

After all, being the only one to walk a screaming baby up and down the livingroom while your husband sleeps peacefully with the bedroom door shut is nothing.

Taking the time to shop for and prepare fresh, nutritious food for the family is nothing. More expensive, preservative laden frozen fare is better.  Exra points if you hit the drive-thru for dinner twice a week.

Raising your own babies and toddlers full-time rather than sharing that task with your local daycare center is just silly.

Reading to your children, taking them to kids museums and parks during the day, and teaching them to read and count before they even get to kindergarten is meaningless.  Having the time and flexibility to meet with teachers, pick up your children from school and volunteer for all the class trips and in the classroom? Complete waste of time.

And if you take care of all the maintenance on your car, make sure everyone has clean clothes and that the house never runs out of toothpaste?  If you are the one weeding the lawn, taking out the trash, waiting for the furnace repair guy, paying the bills, keeping spending under control?  You’re a scrub.

Are you a homeschooler?  Then you’re a waste of life. 

I also implore you to disregard the emotional support you give to your husband when he loses a family member or faces a tough situation at work.  Assign no value to those intellectual discussions about the state of our society or various ways children learn.  Pish on those late-night heart-to-heart talks after the kids are asleep.  If you don’t bring home a paycheck, you ain’t ish.


4 Responses to “Stay-at-Home Moms are Parasites”

  1. Stargazer Says:

    Nice post…although I disagree with the sentiment that stay-at-home moms are parasites, I would like to add some food for thought.

    1) Not all women who stay at home are parenting their kids. Some homemakers have some of the most poorly behaved children I know. Some women use the children as an excuse not to work. (But even these gals arent parasites.)

    2) Men want/need the help of financing the family. Gone are the days where one income is enough. (The cost of living rises, but our salaries do not rise as well.) If you want to put your kids through college, often you need two incomes. It’s back-breaking for a man to work and do it all alone. Once the kids got a certain age, I see not harm with the women helping the family out financially.

  2. foreverloyal Says:

    Actually, I have heard of SAHMs who send their kids to daycare, so I feel you on that in more ways than one.

    All I’m saying is, being a SAHM doesn’t automatically make you a parasite anymore than working outside the home makes you some kind of family-neglecting harpy.

  3. diva Says:

    SAHM should not be categorized as parasites. Most SAHM I know of work all the time and barely sleep. Plus, a lot of SAHM do at home, part-time work and are contributing a lot to the family till. There are more ways to contribute to family finances than formal business sectors.

    Unfortunately, a lot of people are still in the mentality of judging other women’s life choices- a judgement seldom put on men. If you are a SAHM, you are lazy. If you work with children, you are a bad mother. If you don’t have children, you are selfish.

  4. Salaam alaikum.
    Came here from Umar Lee’s blog because I couldn’t stop laughing at your comment on the “Sex ad Muslims- Part 3” discussion. The “How dare you…” bit. Hilarious.
    And glad to see the pic of the full swimgear. I love swimming and haven’t been in a pool for over a decade now. We don’t have burkinis or the like here in India yet.

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