Dreaming of Judgment Day

September 6, 2007


I just remembered a dream I had last night.  My husband and I were sitting in our living room in the late evening.  Somehow we had come to know that Judgment Day was very close, at the end of that same night.  The mood was somber.  What would become of us?  We both had so many regrets.

I was very scared and yet not quite terrified, fretting over all the things I’ve done wrong and all the things I knew I should do but never made time for.  Now I had but a few hours remaining.  I frantically searched my memory for all the good things I’d done.  I remembered that I never carried things in plastic shopping bags when going to see my mom, because she hates that.  I thought of visiting my grandparents, teaching my children to read.  I continued my rapid mental inventory, examining all my good points.

Would it be enough?  I didn’t know.  Then a new thought popped into my mind:  Allah is the Merciful, the Forgiving.

And I felt hope.

I am so glad to wake up to the reality that my time is not yet over.  But that dream reminded me that tomorrow is not promised.  How many people kiss their spouse goodbye in the morning and head off to work, never to return?  How many times has someone put off calling their mom, promising themselves they’ll do it tomorrow, and when tomorrow comes it’s them getting a call–the news that their mother has died?  These things happen everyday, and yet somehow we never think they will happen to us.

I’ve got big plans for this Ramadhan.  I want to host a few iftars, do some crafts with the kids, make my daughter an ‘Eid dress.  I want to read and reflect on Qur’an every night, getting through the entire book by the end. 

I only hope that Allah will grant me the time.


3 Responses to “Dreaming of Judgment Day”

  1. Insha’Allah.
    I hope all of us have a great Ramadan this year.
    I think a lot of us would have at some point or the other pondered about what will become of us on the Day of Judgment. And we always look back in our lives and try and do the math [good v. bad], but like you said, in the end the biggest hope is that Allah Subhaan-wa-Ta’aala is the Most Forgiving, Most Merciful, and that we can only pray to Him for forgiveness [where Ramadan is a bonus!] and try and do better in our own lives.

  2. miriam Says:

    Hi, I got to your blog from Musing of a Diva’s blog.

    Its interesting, you know in the Jewish year, soon its going to be judgement day for us (Rosh Hashana. this week). When is Ramadan?

  3. msulimm Says:

    i had that too, today, an you know how i felt. After praying the morning prayer i slept and after one hour i saw this dream. I had a lamp in my hands and i was telling the people that teh last hour is near when that lamp will light, and it did, and a huge light in tha sky spread and was a sound, that time i realized that its over, i was repentet that i havent pray to allah with all my self in, with all my regrets, cause we people do pray to him but never with the enough attention, and i really was desperate really desperate, iwished its a dream but it seem to me like ist not, and we i woke up i was very confused and stressed, i pray to allah for giving me more time, to do things right.

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