9/11… The Day I Became Muslim

September 12, 2007

Found this through UmAdam’s blog.  It is the first entry in a new category:  “Featured Posts from Other Blogs”

Here it is 6 years later and as it was then it is still now. 9/11 is a day of reflection for me for several reasons. On 9/11 I found out that:

1: I really was a Marine

2: I was willing to die for my country

3: Islam is infact not only a religion of peace, but the truth

Most people have no problem with 1 and 2 when I ordinarily re-tell this story, but number 3 is always met with hostility.



4 Responses to “9/11… The Day I Became Muslim”

  1. foreverloyal Says:

    Thank you! I took it real easy yesterday, today I’m actually doing work. LOL.

  2. Salladien Says:

    I also became muslim in 1995.

  3. MeccaNMuhammadsEma Says:

    Though I don’t cover all the time, I’ve cried bitter tears for the victims of 9/11 and can’t stand the fact that so many people may see me as “hijab wearing terrorist,” whenever I do cover up. That may seem superficial, but I agree Islam is a peaceful religion of truth and the image of muslims has so been distorted.

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