“Something A Brown Person Would Do”

October 1, 2007

blacknessI was in a good mood the other day, and started doing an imitation of CreoleinDC’s “I’m Jazzy” http://creoleindc.typepad.com/rantings_of_a_creole_prin/2007/09/creoleindc-tv-b.html  My daughter says “Where’s that from?”

Me:  “Oh, just something I saw someone doing once.  I thought it was funny and I felt like singing it.”

Her:  “What color was she?” 

Me:  (At this point one mental eyebrow goes up)”Brown.  Why?”

Her:  “That seems like something a brown person would do.”

Apparently my girl is at the stage where she is trying to understand concepts like race, culture, and nationality.  Until very recently she has always described people by actual color, if at all.  It appears this is about to change.  Just yesterday she asked me if it was bad to describe someone as “white.”  (I explained to her long ago that people are often referred to as “black” and “white”.  She always thought that was inaccurate and therefore, ridiculous)

 I wasn’t sure how to feel about the “something a brown person would do” statement.  I concluded that it was nothing to get upset about, after all there’s nothing wrong with being jazzy.  But I’ve got my eye on this whole situation.  It’s amazing to witness the formation of her views in this area and humbling to realize my responsibility for same.  I need to make sure that she also sees giving charity, making scientific discoveries and treating your relatives well as “something a brown person would do.”  And if they are happy and jazzy at the same time, well, so much the better.


One Response to ““Something A Brown Person Would Do””

  1. CreoleInDC Says:

    Happy and jazzy is DEFINITELY where it’s at. LOLOLOLOL!

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