October 18, 2007

jadzia and worf

What vows did you take when you got married?  If you aren’t married, have you thought of what you would say?

I must admit I made up my vows on the spot.  It’s all kind of a blur and it wasn’t taped, so I don’t have a transcript.  I do remember saying that I loved him and pledging that his family was now my family.  I think I’ve held pretty well to that.

My favorite wedding ever is the one between Jadzia Dax and Worf on Star Trek’s Deep Space Nine.  What I loved about it, besides Jadzia’s awesome dress and the fact that she and Worf make a great couple, are the vows.  Not drawn out or flowery, yet filled with so much meaning:

“Worf, son of Mogh, does your Heart beat only for this woman?”


“And will you swear to join with her and stand with her against all who would oppose you?”

“I swear.”

“Jadzia, daughter of Kayla, does your Heart beat only for this man?”


“And do you swear to join with him and stand with him against all who would oppose you?”

“I swear.”

“Then let all present here today know that this man, and this woman, are married.”

Not mushy at all. Just “This is my one and only.  Mess with him and you mess with me. Got it?”  I told my husband I wanted to renew our vows in Vegas, in Klingon fashion.  They  have facilities for that, ya know. 

He, uh, said no. Party pooper.  😦  Guess I have to cancel plans to make myself a replica of Jadzia’s dress!


4 Responses to “I SWEAR!”

  1. TVDinner Says:

    Well, barring that, maybe you could convince him to go to one of those drive-thru, Elvis-officiated joints in Reno. Surely he’d go for that!

    I dig the Klingon vows. Wish my husband and I had done something like that, but we got married in a Spanish-speaking country and didn’t get to write our own, since that’s not done there. Because he doesn’t speak Spanish, I spent the whole time nervously translating what the lawyer said and prompting him to say, “Sí,” at the appropriate times. To be honest, I don’t even remember what specifics we agreed to, although I have tried hard to convince him there was a Do-Dishes-Or-Face-The-Wrath-Of-Wife clause, but he remains unconvinced.

  2. the diva Says:

    I love this. This was one of my favorite episodes ever of DS9.

  3. Dee Says:

    Ohhhh, I loved the relationship between Whorf and Dax…it was awesome to see them every week. I was royally pissed when Dax died and heartbroken. Then again, I’m a die-hard trekkie, especially the next generation series.


  4. Trillspots Says:

    This is such a neat blog, and such a true sentiment. That’s my favorite episode of Deep Space Nine, and I fully intend to incorporate their vows into mine.

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