Who Are You?

November 16, 2007

identity-crisis_130.jpgRecent comments that I have read here and there on the ‘net lead me to ask, who are you?

What is your STRONGEST identifier?


Muslim/Jewish/Christian/(insert “zoroastrian” and other religions here)

Black/White (whatever “race”)

Pakistani/American/(whatever nationality)


And why?


4 Responses to “Who Are You?”

  1. TVDinner Says:

    What prompts the question? And what kind of response do you expect? Are we supposed to choose just one word? Several? And how important are these identifiers anyway?

    The answer, so you know: woman, atheist, white, estadounidense. And a thinker.

  2. safiya402 Says:


  3. foreverloyal Says:

    Hello TVDinner!
    I was just thinking this after reading a few things, but specifically a comment expressing disbelief/disapproval that there were black people who would put their religion before their blackness.
    The concept is very odd to me. If you believe in a “higher power/God/etc.”, how could you not put that above any other consideration? Very strange.
    I know that there are, say indian muslims who would rather their daughter/son marry an indian hindu rather than a black man/woman who is muslim, for instance. I just find it a bit surprising that someone would have the nerve to VOICE such a preference. You would think they would be embarassed before their god/higher power/whatever to actually say such a thing out loud.
    Oh well.
    You could choose any words. Most important indentifier first. All the other words don’t need to be in any order and could have equal weight.

  4. Muslim
    Kashmiri [in a purely geographical/cultural context. No political identity here]

    I agree. I can’t understand how any Muslim would place any other identifier above their being a Muslim. As for nationalism, I think that comes wayyyyy down the list, if at all. It also happens to be one of the biggest reasons for all the mess in the world right now. [And I include the Kashmir mess here. Politics/nationalism has nothing to do with Islam.]

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