Can I Get an “Amen”—er… “Ameeen”

December 14, 2007

We do not need to support black people on the basis of our shared heritage.

Marrying “Interracially” doesn’t mean someone is no longer black.  But be aware, that it also can mean that they take comments like “I hate white people, they are  are _____” personally.


2 Responses to “Can I Get an “Amen”—er… “Ameeen””

  1. LH Says:

    Wow … I’m glad Creole In DC posted a link to your blog. I absolutely feel what I’ve read here thus far.

    I do wish that people would be a little less … obtuse as regards interracial relationships and marriage, especially when they are expressing themselves in the presence of blacks who are themselves bi-racial and/or involved in an interracial relationship.

    But I suppose that would be too much like right.

  2. Hey there,

    I think it is ridiculous for people to make sweeping remarks about “Ze devil white man”…

    Even if I was not IRM, I cannot see how anyone would think that I would support sweeping ridiculous generalizations of WM or WP.
    Sweeping negative remarks which are based on nothing but race are just plain wrong.

    Best wishes to you FL!

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