January 2, 2008

gollumI’m all for black women (and anyone, for that matter) being open to the possibility that their soulmate and one true love could be a different “race” than them. Cool.

What I despise is the desperate adulation heaped upon white men who express an attraction to or a preference for black women.  So much so, that if one such man says something out of line, or questionable, they are above reproach.  Any black woman who does say “Hold up.  Can you explain that comment?  Because that could easily be construed as derogatory” is excoriated by the desperate, Gollum-like creature for daring to question him. 

If I was an armchair psychologist I would theorize that such a woman is afraid.  Afraid that anything less than near-worship will turn the man off of black women.  As if, he is a rare commodity that must be preserved at all costs.  As if his attraction to black women is so fragile that it can be squashed by one or two sistas who aren’t jumping up and down and falling on their knees at his mere existence.

Mustn’t upset the precious!


2 Responses to “Pathetic.”

  1. nevemiriam Says:

    I would wager that this is what happens when folks don’t take a look into themselves and correct what needs correcting or at least be aware of themselves. I wouldn’t be surprised if those same blind-eyed loyalty that is now heaped on the white man, was once heaped on the BM or the BC until their eyes were opened to how they were being treated. Its just a shift of mammy-ism onto the next person who may eventual not appreciate it.

    Perhaps I should write a post on all my husband’s (who’s WM) flaws LOLOL nah!

  2. foreverloyal Says:

    You’re right Miriam. It’s the same desperation, only transferred.

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