February 26, 2008

From Shecodes’ blog:

 Speaking up to defend the image of black women.

 To the advertisers.

Hit ’em where it hurts–in the pocketbook!

Here’s a snippet, read more at the link above:

This week, the website entitled Bossip put up a picture of the revered Maya Angelou, with the disrespectful and defamatory caption: “Ho, sit down”.Many, many people were deeply offended by it, and congregated on other websites to complain about it to each other. The comment section on WAOD reached 60 responses and was still going strong before I shut it down.But what did all of that anger and breast-beating accomplish? You guessed it. Nada… Nothing tangible was done about it until a Black Rook, namely BlkSeagoat, entered the scene. This is what he did yesterday:


I’m a Bad Wife

February 16, 2008

Why did it just occur to me last week that I have been letting Mr. Foreverloyal leave the house with a black shirt, khaki pants, and BROWN shoes?

Better get to Zappos asap…

Oh, the Irony!

February 7, 2008

I love being muslim.

I made a thorough, independent (not pressured by family/friends) study of islam before I decided that yes, this is the path I wanted to follow.  I am also rather conservative in my interpretation and practice.  I have zero desire to don a short skirt (even after dropping the pregnancy pounds), enjoy a cocktail with dinner or flirt.

Knowing that to be the case, you might think I’d like to live in a country such as Saudi Arabia.

You’d be wrong.

PM’s latest post provides a huge reason why. Pick up the paper anywhere and any day and you will  read stories about the terrible treatment of women in almost every society on earth. I personally feel most invested in our Muslim societies (especially Qatar) and the US, because those are both very pertinent in my life. I confess to holding Muslim societies to a higher degree of expectation because after all, we are Muslims and we say we are guided on the right path. But how come that “right” path turns out to be so “wrong” so much of the time?

She continues by posting some of the latest foolishness as reported in the Gulf Times.

I know many sisters who have made the move from the U.S. to KSA and other muslim countries.  As far as I can tell they are mostly happy and I am happy for them.  But it is not for me.