I’m a Bad Wife

February 16, 2008

Why did it just occur to me last week that I have been letting Mr. Foreverloyal leave the house with a black shirt, khaki pants, and BROWN shoes?

Better get to Zappos asap…


7 Responses to “I’m a Bad Wife”

  1. TVDinner Says:

    You’d better. The fashion police are already en route to your house.

  2. TVDinner Says:

    Hey, wait a minute.

    *scratching head*

    What’s wrong with that?

  3. Old school, indeed…I recall that growing up; brown and black in the same outfit, perish the thought!

    On another note, I’d love for you to stop by the blog and comment–one of my latest posts–Archbishop of Canterbury controversy recently.

  4. pioneervalleywoman Says:

    controversy involving muslims…

  5. Chel B Says:

    LOL!! I guess our husband’s are shopping at the same stores! 🙂 I’m not bothered by his fashion sense at all. My husband has this favorite pair of brown shoes that HE thinks match nearly everything.

  6. Tyhitia Says:

    I remember having to change my boyfriend’s fashion sense. It’s still an arduous process…lol! :*)

  7. My husband used to fall victim to mismatching and not being able to put outfits together-until I came along 🙂
    Now he looks put together and he’s taken up a thing with the mirror 😀

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