Hop on Pop

March 4, 2008

hoponpop.jpg  Saturday morning.  Sunshine streams through the windows in the master bedroom.  Mr. Foreverloyal is sleeping in, enjoying some much-needed rest.

Every ten minutes I answer the same question. “Is Daddy awake yet?”  Finally, they get the answer they’ve been waiting to hear.

 Rushing downstairs, they open the door with an unceremonious BANG.  It’s on. It’s like kiddie WWF, little kids jumping and play-punching and cackling with delight.  Mr. Foreverloyal is tickling tummies and kissing toes, dodging elbows and knees, trying not to get hurt.

Moments like that are when I wonder, all over again, how anyone can think that children don’t need their fathers.


One Response to “Hop on Pop”

  1. Isn’t that the truth. On mornings when I let the hubby sleep in, my little guy ‘whispers’ every two minutes, ‘Is Daddy up yet?’ (Keep in mind that his ‘whisper’ is comparable in decibel level to a jet engine.) Then Daddy gets up and off they go. It’s the most amazing thing to watch.

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