The Dunbar Village Atrocity

March 28, 2008

Open Letter 3/28/2008 Update: A New Underground Railroad is Born

Synopsis: In the past week, a rapidly-moving viral email campaign was
launched, and thousands of concerned black citizens spread the
word about a shocking crime against a Black woman and her 12
year old son, in which crimes against nature were committed.
(read more details of the crime here) This email, entitled “Stop Al Sharpton and the NAACP from
endangering Black Women,” described a stunning betrayal in
which the NAACP and Al Sharpton held a press conference and
demanded bail consideration for three suspects in custody
for the crime. (source1) (source2) Concerned Black citizens all around the country were outraged
by the actions of the NAACP and Al Sharpton, and many vowed
to withdraw volunteering and financial support from these
agencies “until they make the safety of Black women and
children a priority.” On March 24, 2008 an NAACP
memo that attempted to defend this betrayal was sent to
Beverly Neal, who is the Director of the NAACP’s Florida
State Conference. The memo claims that the NAACP was brought
into this fray by Rev. Al Sharpton. Moreover, the memo was
written by Maude Ford Lee, who is President of the West
Palm Beach Branch of the NAACP. (read the memo here) On March 27,2008, activist Al Sharpton went on the air to
clarify his position on the treatment of the Dunbar
Village Suspects. He invited writer Tonyaa Weathersbee
and blogger Arlene Fenton to his show, to discuss the matter.
Rev. Sharpton claimed that he never said that the Dunbar
Village suspects were being treated unfairly, and that he
did not want bail for the suspects in question. Ms Weathersbee and Ms Fenton said that their research
indicated otherwise, as indicated by video footage, eyewitness
accounts, and the reporting from the Florida Sun Sentinel
and the Palm Beach Post. At the end of the radio show, Al Sharpton strongly condemned
any activity that would promote bail consideration for the
suspects in question. Rev. Sharpton admitted that “if the
suspects were white, he would have been there sooner.” He
stated that this is a problem with many black civil rights
organizations. He apologized and vowed to uphold his prior
promise to advocate for the residents of Dunbar Village. He
also challenged all activists, bloggers, and writers to be
accountable to each other. To date, the NAACP has not made an official statement
denouncing the Dunbar Village Atrocity, nor have they
officially expressed regret to the victim. The NAACP also has
not officially retracted their statement requesting bail
consideration for the alleged rapists/torturers. To our
understanding, neither agency has contributed to the Victim’s
Assistance Fund or created a reward program geared toward the
apprehension of the remaining rapists/torturers. Conclusion WE ARE SATISFIED with Al Sharpton’s qualifying statements that
he made on his radio show on 3/27/2008. We will watch to see
if he fulfills his promise to advocate for the residents of
Dunbar Village, and we are willing to assist any effort that
promotes safer black neighborhoods in West Palm Beach, FL. WE ARE NOT CONTENT with the reckless, irresponsible actions
of the NAACP (West Palm Beach chapter). We continue to urge
all black people, women especially, to refrain from
volunteering or giving financially to this organization
until they take our safety seriously. WHAT WE WANT We want law enforcement to make a concerted, sustained
effort to apprehend the remaining suspects. We want to see a
genuine reward system in place to encourage members of the
community to come forward with the knowledge of the
whereabouts of the remaining suspects. We want the NAACP (West Palm Beach chapter) to reverse their
position that the alleged rapists/torturers of this case
should be considered for bail. We want both the NAACP and the National Action Network to
cease downgrading the gang rape/torture/atrocity of the
Dunbar Village by comparing it to an unrelated gang rape,
in which guns, maiming, and forced incest were not involved. We want to see genuine victim advocacy in the form of
financial support for the relocation, medical expenses, and
mental therapy for the true victims in this case. The Dunbar Village Victim Assistance Fund Individuals who would like to donate money to the victims
can go to any Wachovia Bank and donate to the St. Ann’s
Victim’s Assistance Fund. Donations will go directly to
the mother and her son. St. Ann’s Catholic Church will also accept donations.
Checks can be made payable to the "Dunbar Village
Victim Assistance Fund - St. Ann’s". Donations can be mailed to: St. Ann’s Catholic Church,
310 N. Olive Avenue, West Palm Beach, FL 33401 If you would like to post this Open Letter on your
blog, you can copy the HTML here: (Blogger HTML) A New Underground Railroad is Born (General HTML) A New Underground Railroad is Born For more information about this Dunbar Village
Campaign, you can visit any of the following blogs:

One Response to “The Dunbar Village Atrocity”

  1. Tanisha Says:

    Go to and check out the fliers that were passed out during the Mar 11 press conference.

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