We Came to Break. It. Down.

March 30, 2008

noe1.jpg(photo shows a middle school step club in tennessee)

The dinner entertainment at the Women’s Committee of Masjid Al Saffat’s 2008 Women’s conference was GREAT!  There were a few tears when some daughters got up and said what they’ve gotten from their mothers and the moms reciprocated.  There was a sister singing an acapella version of “If I Could” while a young woman in a flowy white costume danced.  But the part that brought down the house was the step show.  Yes, I said a step show.  For those poor souls who don’t know what that is, this link http://www.collegeview.com/articles/CV/hbcu/step_shows.html has a good explanation. It started off curiously.  A small group of older women came out in black jilbabs/khimars, dragging themselves with canes and walkers, one encouraging the others to hurry it up.  Once they got in formation, they started banging their canes, then stomping their feet and clapping their hands in rhythm chanting, “We came to break it down.” 

Enter the next generation.  Clad in black pants and bright red tops, earrings framing their faces in a bit of sparkle, they shoo the mommy’s off the stage.  The stepping gets more complicated, with hands and feet making that unmistakable beat. The formation changes, and a bit of call and response between the tallest sistah and her group follows.  At this point the entire crowd is on its feet cheering, jumping up and down, basically going nuts.  When the routine is over we roar our approval.

I can’t wait to go back next year insha’allah.  Maybe they’ll let me get up there and dance.


One Response to “We Came to Break. It. Down.”

  1. Dil Egitimi Says:

    does anyone knows if there is any other information about this subject in other languages?

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