What is Wrong with Me? No Seriously.

April 18, 2008

Whenever I work from a to do list I get so much done it’s amazing.  Don’t let me do so for a week, my house will be super clean, I get all my workouts in, the kids do art projects and lots of extra stuff, dinner gets served on time.  I get to my hobbies, all my maintenance (masks and manicures and deep conditioning) gets done, I even get to read a magazine.

When I don’t, I get maybe 40% of what needs to get done completed.  I dither around, waste time with too much internet surfing, take 5 years to fold the laundry while watching some home decorating show, poke around the kitchen wondering if I should change out the cabinet knobs instead of wiping the crumbs off the counter.  I get very little done then feel like a jerk for wasting the day.

So why in the world don’t I work from a list everyday?  I think I WANT to be one of those people that doesn’t need to be “told” what to do to be efficient.  And so I go off my list, try to change my personality.  But I am me, trying to change the way I work best has never worked before.

So WHY do I KEEP trying to do it!?


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