Home Decor

May 30, 2008

living roomI was at an associate’s house yesterday.  It is beautiful.  Every room painted, window-treated, furnished, accessorized.

We live in the same neighborhood and moved in around the same time. She and her dh are done.  Me and mine are, em, not. 

Don’t get me wrong, our place isn’t completely barren.  We’ve made a bit of progress but there isn’t a SINGLE room that is TOTALLY finished.  I really need to get on that.  It’s funny how after awhile, you stop seeing the blue painter’s tape and the vinyl “temporary” blinds.  I put “temporary” in quotes because I’ve had mine up for years now, though some windows do have actual blinds.  (Wood blinds do alot to warm up a room, by the way.)

Anyway, her house is so marvelously comfortable and welcoming, I want to achieve the same effect in my house, foreverloyal style. (Mr. Foreverloyal has told me he doesn’t really care about the decorating style.  He just wants it done, and kept neat/clean, and he’s happy.)

Time to go shopping and pull out the sewing machine!


One Response to “Home Decor”

  1. Felicity Graham Says:

    Mr Foreverloyal is so sweet lol, I know what you want! I’m sure you that your decorating will be beautiful.

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