Discussing Race

June 13, 2008

Some people will have you believe that any white man who marries a black woman is free of racial prejudice.  But let me tell you that is not true.  He may love and accept you, but he may have a different feeling about brown people generally.

Once in awhile, how he really feels will breakthrough.  At that point, you, as a black woman, must defend your people, even though you may love him.

For example:

Recently I made a pasta dish, which Mr. Foreverloyal enjoyed.  After dinner he said, “This would be so much better with white pasta”.

So I said, “No it wouldn’t.”

“Yes it would.”

“No, it wouldn’t.  Brown pasta is better.” At this point this blatant display of white supremacy was really getting to me.

“Oh, it’s better?”

“That’s right it’s better!  In this house we do not subscribe to the mentality that white pasta is better!  We will not be brainwashed! We stand up for the asiatic brown pasta!”

Mr. Foreverloyal: “You sound like Farrakhan.”






8 Responses to “Discussing Race”

  1. ummadam Says:

    How dare he…lol

  2. Felicity Says:

    That was funny, when I was small, my mother told me to buy white eggs, anyway the man only had brown eggs, then he went on to accuse me of being prejudiced, against the eggs, because they are white.

  3. arabswhothinktheyare white? Says:

    I think this is meant for a joke. But there are real issues that cut a little deeper. I have been raised around many people with backgrounds different from my own. I have had things brought up by friends and lovers of different races and religions that would make any openminded person rethink their friendship and defend their background. Last night I was posed with a question by my arab boyfriend who has grown up in many countries and been exposed to many people. He says: ” This is the first time I have been around Black people on a regualr basis for such a long period of time, Is it common among Blacks to support other Blacks regardless of their ability just because they are Black.” This was his response to a family friend supporting a commentator he felt was inadequate and that the family friend on liked because he was Black..This amy sound trivial but in his question I felt a distance and seperation not only between us as races but almost as if he couldn’t see past soemthing as an individual preference and decieded to generalize an entire race. I won’t deny that things that deal with Black people pique my intrests but is that any different than any other group of people? It hurts and I never thought I would have to decode and teach a person that I love.

  4. BlogXilla Says:

    this post is wonderful. I hope that didn’t really happen but if it did… WOW…I hate to laugh but brown pasta is amazing… and you should have said he sounds like Strum Thurman!!

  5. foreverloyal Says:

    Comment #3, you raise interesting questions and I will be back with my thoughts on them insha’allah.

  6. Salaam Alaikum,

    A really funny and well written post, Masha Allah.

    I have to be equally firm when defending British food to my husband.

  7. aisha Says:

    Assallam Alaikum Sis,

    You’re joking about a preference for white/brown rice relating to actual people race right? If you are not joking, them this explains why I like brown rice, but my hubby does… hmm should I be worried? j/k about the worried thing.
    I just found your blog and, Insha’Allah I can remember it later (when I’m not at work and can save it to my bookmarks 🙂
    I’m digging your posts, your rhetoric and your thoughtful insights. Thanks!


  8. monica Says:

    I hate when that happens! 🙂

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