July 29, 2008

*the scene:  Mr. Foreverloyal and I are watching “Man vs. Wild” on the discovery channel.  The host, Bear Grylls, picks up a piece of fox poop and starts talking about what information that gives about his current environment.

Me: Yuck!

Mr. Foreverloyal:  What?

Me: Blech.  I thought he was cute up until he picked up that bear poop a few months ago.  Just when I start thinking he’s cute again, he has to go and pick up POOP!

Mr. Foreverloyal:  Good.  I don’t want you thinking he’s cute.



July 29, 2008



I am always amused when I hear women tsk-tsking about the muslim tradition of mahr.

“I wouldn’t want to be bought.”

“How backwards!”

Let these same women have a man propose to them with a $150.00 Target ring and see what they would say!

“What nerve!”

“He doesn’t value me at all! I am worth more than that!”

“If he can’t even pay for a decent ring how is he going to support a household?”

Um, yeah.

Is if I didn’t love my husband.

And even then I wouldn’t want some guy touching me that had been with another woman the night before.

I really think so.

At one of our usual places.

Hostess I have never seen before has a disapproving expression when we come in, then pastes a phony smile and dons a fake polite demeanor to show us to our table.

Gives me another look later on, as she seats a group nearby.


And now that I’m sitting here I can’t remember what any of them were!


I finished another curtain panel yesterday!  YAY!

I am so close now.  Just a little more sewing and I’m DONE.  Then I get to buy hardware and have Mr. Foreverloyal break out the powerdrill, ladder and level and do his part.

Now the question is… what style hardware?  Ball finial? Scroll? Leaf?  Do I go with a brushed nickel finish or wrought iron?  Linens N’ Things or Target?

Decisions, decisions.

Sephora Goes Fabulous

July 2, 2008


Well, it looks like Sephora has decided to up their “fabulous quotient” by having the good sense to invite Monica Mingo to guest blog on her favorite products.

If you aren’t familiar with Miss Monica, I can tell you that she is fashionable, inspiring, witty, and entertaining.  I bought two actual handbags for the first time in years and it’s ALL HER FAULT!  Anyway, check out the link.