Kick ‘Em Out! Or, What’s the Rush?

August 6, 2008

Once you turn 18 or graduate college, and get a job, is there something amiss if you remain with your parents for awhile?

Are you stunting your development as an adult or as a human being because you are not “out on your own”?

Or could it possibly be that the tendency to look down on those who remain at home is an indication of an ambivalence about, or even a devaluing of family in our culture?

I remember some years ago watching a decoration/renovation show.  The family was expanding their home to provide an additional master suite to be used by the grown son and his new wife.  I remember thinking how unusual it was, but on further reflection could immediately see the benefits. 

Assuming the young couple was a responsible pair:

1. They could save alot of money that would otherwise be going to rent.

2. If they had a child, they would have trustworthy, live-in help with that child.

3. They could benefit the parents/in-laws by helping with the errands and the chores.

In such a situation, the young couple has their own space, and needed privacy (if I recall correctly the master suite was large and in a separate section of the house) while still having the support that an extended family provides.  They could pay off any college loans faster and save money toward a downpayment on their own house.  In a few year’s time,  they could move out, buy their own home and be financially much further ahead than their peers who needed or wanted to live on their own straight out of college.

Of course, we are talking about responsible people here.  If the offspring would merely take the opportunity to live rent free without making any preparations for the future, may as well give them the boot.


2 Responses to “Kick ‘Em Out! Or, What’s the Rush?”

  1. Felicity Says:

    Depends on the relationship, but if you look at other countries, people tend to leave home, when they get married.

  2. foreverloyal Says:

    Very true. I realized after I wrote this that I didn’t include anything about singles who come back after college.

    I came home after college, continued to do chores and gave some money for the house (I got a job, of course!). I moved out when I got married.

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