Are you following Shaytan?

September 6, 2008

“Whoever doesn’t have a sheikh, the Shaytan is his sheikh….” 

It’s an interesting little saying.  It has been thrown out to those who do not have a scholar/sheikh from whom they get all their knowledge about what is right and wrong in islam.  It seems to be used in an effort to get people to shut their brains off and find someone to follow, and quick! 

There’s just one teeny little problem with it.  Following this logic, we would have to conclude that the Prophet, prior to receiving revelation, was following shaytan.  All the people who came to islam by reading the Qur’an and its (people’s best attempts at) translations? Following shaytan.  If they die two months after their shahada, without finding a sheikh? Well, they were following Shaytan all that time, right?  And we know what happens to people who do that.

Even if you want to find a scholar sheikh to follow, how do you choose someone to follow?  What force is operating in your life while you are making your decision?  If this saying is true, then you guessed it:  the one who has led you to your guide is none other than the Shaytan.

Doesn’t seem right to me.


One Response to “Are you following Shaytan?”

  1. maji6 Says:

    Assalamu alaikum,

    well there are some signs is he following the Quran n Sunnah. Does his company inspire you with a eagerness to improve in islam etc..We all follow an alim in one form or another as knowledge and guidance has been passed to us through them.

    Its not Fard to have a spiritual mentor but to reform oneself is fard and the company of the Awliyaullah is one way of achieving this. The Prophet Salallahu alaihi wasalam was taught and indeed the prophets received guidance directly from God (wahi), the Sahabah reached that status as they saw the Prophet SAW in the state of eman and hence they have that status and they learnt from him pbuh. Allah appointed him as a Guide for them and us. The scholars are the Warithul Ambiya the inheritors from the prophets. An Alims sleep is better than the worship of a hundred Abids.

    What is the harm of consulting a scholar before taking important decisions in life? Consultation is actually a command of Allah, the Prophet PBUH inspite of receiving wahi was told to consult his companions Radhiallau anhum (surah As Shura.)

    I guess its a safety net as sometimes the devil may mislead us in to doing something which seems virtuous on the face of it but it might be stopping us from a greater good. The people involved in bidah think they are doing good actions and they wont think about making repentance for it as they believe they are involved in a virtuous act. A person may take a second wife believing its allowed in deen but it might cause the break up of his first marriage. Thus consultation with a sheikh is a good safety net.

    ma salaams.

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