Train Them by Example

September 29, 2008

So I was putting away laundry and my oldest two are nearby playing.  They’ve got those little Lego people out and are playing  a game where they are conducting marriage negotiations.  The exchange went something like this:

FLDaughter:  “Okay, you bring him and we have to see if he is suitable to marry her.”

(FLSon walks up a little man and faces the prospective in-laws) 

FLDaughter, now in character:  “What will you feed her?”

FLSon, also in character: “Umm, chicken, and steak, and tacos, and cake for dessert, and salad, and sometimes go out to dinner, and broccoli, and bread..”

Daughter: “Where will she live?”

Son: “I will buy her a nice house.”

Daughter:  “You will pay for her clothes?”

Son:  “Yes.”

Daughter: “And fix things that break?”

Son: “Yes.”

Daughter:  “Now, what will she do for you?”

Son: “Carry water from the river.”

Daughter:  “That’s not enough.”

Son: “And, wash the dishes and clean the kitchen.”

Daughter:  “That’s not enough.”

Son: “And, do the laundry and iron my clothes, and do the shopping, and put away my socks, and run the errands…”

Daughter (very solemnly): “Ok, you may marry her.”

This little game, while very amusing to watch, also brought home to me again that children are deeply impacted by the relationship their parents have.  It was so sweet that my son feels that it is a man’s role to provide for his family, and equally gratifying that my daughter believes that a wife should work hard to contribute. 

Not to mention that listening to their little game made folding and putting away the laundry less tedious yesterday.


One Response to “Train Them by Example”

  1. tulip Says:

    Daughter: “Now, what will she do for you?”

    Son: “Carry water from the river.”

    LOOOL 🙂 Does your son also see you carrying water from the river? 🙂 So cute

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