Last Night I Cried

October 29, 2008

My husband and I had dinner out.  It was great.  We talked about any and everything, the food was delicious and the restaurant wasn’t too loud.

As we headed back to the car he said something funny, we made eye contact, and burst out laughing.  In that moment it hit me all over again how much I love him, what a great husband he is masha’allah, how blessed I am to have him in my life.  How much it would hurt if anything happened to him (may Allah protect me from that). 

I started tearing up a bit but got it together in a few seconds, and he never noticed.

Go hug your love today.

If you don’t have one, know that their is such a thing as true love.

(On a lighter note, that reminds me that I have leftovers. Yum!)


Sambucol for Kids

October 21, 2008

I use this stuff whenever my kids start getting sick.

Right now they are all in various stages of battling a virus.  They always get Sambucol, chewable vitamin C, and tea.  Sometimes I give them peppermint, sometimes Traditional Medicinals Cold Care tea if I have it.  The two littlest had fevers and lethargy, but it only lasted one day masha’allah. 

This product really works so any of you into natural remedies for children, you may want to keep some on hand.  They make an adult version, too.

Isn’t it Pretty?

October 17, 2008

I totally want it.

What Will People Say?

October 17, 2008

So what if they do?

So what if they do?

I cannot ride a bike.  I tried once or twice as a kid, but I never learned and never got a bike.  No big deal. 

Every child of mine old enough to ride a bike has one, however.  To keep up with them, I have to jog.  Last time we were at the bike shop, I mentioned aloud that I’d like to get a bike, but “They don’t make training wheels for grown-ups.”  The bike-shop guy assured me that I was wrong and they do in fact, make such things.

“People will laugh at you mommy,” says my oldest girl.

“So what if they do?” I shot back.  “What will happen if I get a big, purple bike with training wheels and ride around the neighborhood?  Maybe someone will laugh.  Maybe someone will be rude enough to point and laugh loudly enough for me to hear. What then?”

OG seems to think this over.  I continue, “Then I keep riding past them.  They don’t care about me.  Should I let the fact that they think I look silly stop me from learning to ride?”


“You can’t let the opinions of people who don’t even care about you stop you from doing what’s good for you.  How dumb would I be not to learn to ride a bike just because some people may laugh?”

Occasionally Mr. Foreverloyal and I get a few looks when we are out and about.  Some curious, some a lil peeved.  Only once have we experienced a hostile glare. (If looks could kill we’d be DEAD, I tell you, along with the two children we had at the time.)  Once my husband was the target of some loud hostile blathering but really, big deal.

Refuse to date/marry outside of your race/culture because it’s THAT important to you to have a monocultural/racial household.

Refuse to date/marry outside of your race/culture because you just don’t find “others” attractive, point blank.

But for the love of all that is sensible, for the love of self, don’t refuse just because you fear what people might say.

Strong Black Woman

October 16, 2008


Enough said.

And I Was All Happy, Too…

October 16, 2008

So, last week I finished my bedroom drapes!  They are gorgeous masha’allah, even if I do say so myself.  I lined them in blackout lining to help insulate the room and to help Mr. Foreverloyal sleep in on the weekends.

I went back and pressed and properly finished the first two panels I made so that it all looks professional.  The curtains are hung on pewter clip rings on a brushed nickel finish rod with an acrylic ball finial.  I love to get up in the morning and throw back the curtains.  They slide across the rod with a satisfying “SCHWING!”  Previously, I made sheers with a swirly design.

Now, I have never made curtains before, and these were ALOT of work.  The fabric came on a heavy-duty cardboard roll taller than I am.  To lay out and cut I had to first sweep the floor and make sure there were no oil spots or bits of jam that would stain the fabric. (I have kids, dontcha know).  Then I had to move the yardstick along, measuring out 106 inches.  I would then cut the fabric.  Then I would get my cutting mat and quilt ruler and make sure the edge was even.  Do the same to cut the lining. Then pin, sew, press.  Pin, sew, press. Repeat six times.

All this had to be done on hands and knees, so it was a bit uncomfortable.  I had to either place a folded prayer rug or a pillow under my knees to keep them from hurting. 

But it was all worth it.  I was done!  I had beautiful, custom curtains and saved us a ton of moolah. 

Then, the other morning, while enjoying the “SCHWING!” of throwing open the curtains, I beheld a most unwelcome sight:  A large rip in the middle of one of the sheers.  How did it happen?  Well, I have kids, dontcha know.  Kids that obviously must be banned from the master bedroom.  So now, with a heavy heart, I must go back to the fabric store with a gaggle of kids in tow.  I must lay out fabric.  I must measure. I must cut.  I must sew.  I must press.

Just when I thought I was done…

Whole Morning GONE!

October 13, 2008

I have been researching washers and deep-freezers for the past 6 hours. 

The house is a mess: kitchen floor dirty, various junk scattered in the office, about 7 loads of laundry to do.

I have decided on a Samsung washer, which is supposed to be quiet, efficient, and big enough to wash a king-sized comforter.

The freezer search, however, has not yet concluded.  I need to keep my freezer in the garage, and it seems that regular freezers and fridges are NOT to be kept in the garage.  The only freezer specifically made for such a location would be a bit more than $1,000.  Mr. Foreverloyal, “It would take a long time to recoup the investment of $1,000.  Why do you want this thing again?”

The good news, however, is that after a bit of research it seems that older freezers and fridges hold up better in a garage location.  The challenge now, is to find a good used one.

This whole researching thing was supposed to take an hour, tops. *Sigh*


October 11, 2008

Honestly, I “forget” all the time that my husband is white.

When I go to call my husband at work to see what time he will be home, I think, “Let me call Mr. Foreverloyal.”  I don’t think, “Let me call my WHITE husband to see when he will be home.”

I think to myself, “I LOVE my honey,”  I’m not thinking, I just love my WHITE honey!”

In our day-to-day relationship, we are not constantly navigating racial issues.  We discuss what to have for dinner, how are the kids doing academically, how funny it is that our baby grabbed him in the middle of the night and demanded to be nursed (Um, wrong parent, kiddo!).  You know, normal stuff.

Naturally, we sometimes see things differently as a result of being two different “races” in America.  But I am here to tell you that if you have mutual respect, shared values and some similar interests, race will not be a huge daily issue in your relationship.  Something that may have seemed like such a HUGE deal in the beginning to fade to the background as largely insignificant.

How Did it Come to This?

October 9, 2008


Is the “black community” really dead?

Get Yourself a Handyman

October 7, 2008

I’m very grateful to be able to say that Mr. Foreverloyal is handy around the house.  He  has taken apart and fixed a garbage disposal, a washing machine (turns out there was a bobby pin in it, don’t know how that got in there), and built a loft in our garage so that we could have more storage.

It saves alot of money, but nevermind that.  There is something really appealing about a guy breaking out a circular saw, drill and level and building a structure from scratch.  It’s almost primal, makes a woman feel like her man is a manly man!

It was also so cute to see #1 son imitating  his dad.  While Mr. Foreverloyal was building, his oldest son was in a corner of the garage with his toy circular saw, pretending to cut a scrap piece of 2×4.  It’s good to know that insha’allah, my sons too will grow up and be able to build and fix things.

He’s got plans to build a small retaining wall in the backyard and rip out a small dead evergreen in the front.  Me, I need to order the tulips and pick up some mulch.  Every great handyman needs an assistant to help with the details.