Surrogate Parenting

October 3, 2008

Someone I “e-know” has come up not pregnant after another round of ivf.

I’m sitting over here wondering how feasible it would be for me to be a surrogate for her, if that is the road she and her husband would choose to travel.  After all, if there’s one thing I don’t have a problem doing it’s getting pregnant.  And she could be assured that I would get regular exercise, eat organic foods, take my vitamins daily and shun drugs, tobacco and alcohol.

And she wouldn’t have to insha’allah worry about me trying to keep the baby.  I actually like being pregnant but I have ALL the little people I can handle at home.


7 Responses to “Surrogate Parenting”

  1. This would be a fabulous idea. I wish she and her husband the best. I pray that something works out for them and this just may be it.

  2. emmia Says:

    I do not think this whole surrogate mother thing is good. I really look down on it. A woman’s body is not just a baby-carrying machine. If someone cannot have a child of their own…ADOPT!!!

    If someone really loves kids that much, and they cannot have one, they should adopt.

    Something is wrong with the people in this world, especially the ones in America.

    I think that Science, has driven people stark-crazy

    Love your blog by the way!!!

    Don’t get mad, just my opinion on things.

  3. CreoleInDC Says:

    But what would your husband and family say? Being pregnant affects more than just you.

  4. foreverloyal Says:

    I know, I asked my dh the other day and he just raised his eyebrows. I want to at least talk about it seriously though.

    And I’d have to tell my kids the baby in the “tum-tum” is not for them. They want more siblings but I think it’s a plot to make me lose my mind.

  5. lafemmenoir Says:

    lol… surrogacy is haram in Islam. As is sperm donation.

  6. tanyetta Says:

    You have a generous heart.

  7. I have a real problem with people telling other people what to do with their bodies and their lives. Surrogacy is a complex issue, and certainly shouldn’t be entered into lightly. It’s something that you really have to think about, but IMO it’s an incredibly generous thing to do. Of course, your husband and family would have to be on board with the idea.

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