How Did it Come to This?

October 9, 2008


Is the “black community” really dead?


3 Responses to “How Did it Come to This?”

  1. midori Says:

    Unfortunately, at times this is my thinking.

  2. lafemmenoir Says:

    How did it come to this?? Let’s say that rap (not hip hop) had a major hand in it. I will also stretch even further to say that the media had an even greater hand. If you keep people focused on trivialities, they can’t/won’t question anything else. How can something that was created to give a voice to the unheard now become the voice of the ignorant?

  3. Khadija Says:

    How did it come to this?

    Hip-hop/rap/whatever we want to call it. Hip-hop/rap coupled with “street literature” (aka ghetto snuff books). “Keepin’ it real.” The concept that smart = “acting White.” Wearing all of our assets on our backs (not including the ones that we drive), without developing financial security. I could go on. . .

    Peace, blessings and solidarity.

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