October 11, 2008

Honestly, I “forget” all the time that my husband is white.

When I go to call my husband at work to see what time he will be home, I think, “Let me call Mr. Foreverloyal.”  I don’t think, “Let me call my WHITE husband to see when he will be home.”

I think to myself, “I LOVE my honey,”  I’m not thinking, I just love my WHITE honey!”

In our day-to-day relationship, we are not constantly navigating racial issues.  We discuss what to have for dinner, how are the kids doing academically, how funny it is that our baby grabbed him in the middle of the night and demanded to be nursed (Um, wrong parent, kiddo!).  You know, normal stuff.

Naturally, we sometimes see things differently as a result of being two different “races” in America.  But I am here to tell you that if you have mutual respect, shared values and some similar interests, race will not be a huge daily issue in your relationship.  Something that may have seemed like such a HUGE deal in the beginning to fade to the background as largely insignificant.


3 Responses to “Colorblind?”

  1. Chi-Chi Says:

    (I’m not in an interracial relationship) but I know that at the end of the day, people are people. I just came from a mom’s group on Friday where one of the lady’s husbands is White. In the beginning of their relationship, she had tried to set up social engagements so her DH could have other White men to hang out with and would find that her DH didn’t have anything in common with those guys except their skin and felt much more comfortable hanging with her brother and his friends. I don’t think anyone at the group really paid that much attention but it struck me so much, I guess I’m more sensitive these days, that no, we don’t ignore color but we also need to let go of all of our pre-conceived notions and let people just be people. Not a color.

    I think to myself, “I LOVE my honey,” I’m not thinking, I just love my WHITE honey!” Exactly! 🙂

  2. Felicity Says:

    You have a lovely husband, and people are people. Once you get past the skin colour, people fall into a pattern or routine.

  3. George Says:

    I have been in an interracial relationship since 2005 when I moved in with my black GF. On Labor Day Weekend 2008 we got married! We’re very happy and we have a great time together.

    We wanted to do something for the interracial community, so we started a free forum/message board for people to discuss issues, post comments, view relevant videos + stories, post a personal ad and have some fun. It’s at so please check it out.

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