My Husband is Annoying

January 20, 2009

And so am I.

But I still love him, and he loves me.  Marriage is not at all “Happily Ever After”.  It’s more like, “Happily, Annoyingly, Ticked-off-ly, Blissfully, Wonderfully, Disappointedly, Amazingly, Mundanely, Passionately Ever After”  There are moments when he could just shake you and vice versa.  Annoying little flaws don’t disappear once you get married, you simply have the joy of living with them.  In your own little castle of love.castletopper1

You wonder, why after ten years of marriage he STILL doesn’t know which hamper is for whites and which one is for darks?  He wonders HOW you could have just gone to the grocery store yesterday, and TODAY have to stop on the way home because your baby is wearing her last diaper?  But you learn to (most of the time) ignore the little annoyances, even laugh at them.  After all, isn’t he the same man who held your hand, looked into your eyes and told you “You can do it” when you were in labor with your first child, (sans drugs)?  Who goes out into the cold and darkness every morning to work, so that you don’t have to?

And he remembers that you the same woman who cheerfully ran up and down the stairs about ten times an hour, fetching tea and tissues and soup and fresh-squeezed orange juice and Advil and extra blankets, and propped him up with pillows and plied him with vitamin C and echinacea when he was ill?  Who made his favorite meal, for no occasion at all, even though it makes a spectacular mess of the kitchen?  Who makes sure that he never has to touch an ironing board?

Aren’t you that same couple who stood before family and friends and swore to love and honor and all that other stuff? And didn’t you mean it?

I’m so grateful to say, YES!

I think Rita Rudner said it best:

I love being married.  It’s so great to find the one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life.


I Need to

January 19, 2009

Spend a bit less time reading blogs and more writing them. 

I must have 30 drafts with thought fragments and half-completed sentences.

The Living Dead

January 14, 2009

Have you ever seen them

The living dead

walking around?

Shopping for groceries, taking notes at meetings, picking up the dry cleaning.

The dinner gets made

The bills get paid

Their bodies function.

They talk to you, even smile.

Corners of lips go up, teeth reveal themselves

But the smile never reaches their eyes.

Hollow, empty vessels

Once they held joy, the sweet fire of love

But the fire has gone cold

Nothing left

Well, maybe the ashes

Ashes to ashes,

dust to dust.


January 3, 2009

I ordered a cabinet and my husband put it together.  He asked our son to “help” him.

My son’s face was a mixture of rapt attention and sheer joy.  That boy loves his father.  His dad let him use the screwdriver, and explained the process as the cabinet came together bit by bit.  My son got to bring him the correct size screw for each part.

These are the moments I am grateful, all over again, for the husband and father that is Mr. Foreverloyal.