“Flawless”–On a Budget! (Inspired by Khadija’s post)

March 9, 2009


Ok, not actually flawless.  Perfection, after all, is Allah’s.  But let’s talk about making the most of ourselves–operating at Maximum Flyness–with limited resources.


I do not spend alot of money on my upkeep.  I will share what I do and hope to pick up some tips in the comments.


–I don’t use fancy pre-treatments.  I love to mix coconut and castor oils and add a dab of honey.  I put it on damp hair, top with a shower cap and leave it in.  There are three ways to do it:  Sleep in it, sit under a bonnet dryer for 10-15 minutes on medium setting, or jump around a little.  The heat will help it penetrate your hair.  Shampoo it out with a drugstore shampoo, finish with a drugstore conditioner and work a bit of coconut oil in as a leave-in.  Presto!  Soft, shiny hair.  I have used this on my hair relaxed or natural with equally impressive results.  A 16 oz jar of coconut oil can be had for cheap at your local Indian/Arab grocery, and you can get castor oil in the laxative section of the supermarket.  If you can’t find coconut oil, try olive oil.

–Check the remnant section of your local fabric store.  Remnants are sold at a discount.  Pick up some silk or satin remnants and make yourself some pillowcases or sleeping scarves.  These keep the hair from snagging and reduce breakage.

–Ditch the professional rollerset and blowout and wear your hair wavy.  Twirl sections of damp hair around your fingers, roll into a ball (resembling a cinnamon roll) and pin.  Dry overnight or under a bonnet dryer.  This works for natural and relaxed hair (and naturally straight hair). 

Hands and Feet: 

–Do your own manicures!  I like a very natural look, so I use a Sally Hansen manicure tool.  It has an emery board and buffer built in.  I can shape my nails and buff them to a high shine, no polish required. (Although following up with a coat of clear polish makes it look even better).   This saves on polish as well as the hassle of having to touch up nail color

–Once a week, use a cheap drugstore scrub (Like St. Ives Apricot Scrub) to wash your hands.   Follow up with coconut oil, lotion, or petroleum jelly.  Top with gloves and go to bed.  The moisturizer and gloves can be done nightly.

–I LOVE the ped-egg.  I just use it once a week, then dampen my feet, put on moisturizer and wear socks to bed.  The Sally Hansen tool can also be used to buff and shine the toenails.  A few minutes once a week is all it takes.


Sally Hansen wax strips are the truth!  And much cheaper than getting it done at the salon.  Underarms can be tricky, though, so it might help if you had the assistance of a friend.  And for your legs, there’s always the good old fashioned razor.

I’ll add more later, but I hope this is a good start. 

Here’s an article at http://www.youngmoney.com/lifestyles/advice/061115

A blog on the subject of lower-priced fashion:  http://www.thebudgetfashionista.com/


3 Responses to ““Flawless”–On a Budget! (Inspired by Khadija’s post)”

  1. fullmoonoffaith Says:

    Don’t forget this stuff.
    The Black Soap I’m currently using literally sucks out all the oil from your skin. Great for people plauged with acne and blemishes. I would advise any one, with or without skin problems to use some of these products. Some of these can be found at a local Target in the $4-$7 range.

  2. foreverloyal Says:

    Hi fullmoonoffaith!
    Thanks for stopping by! I have some black soap from nasabb.com. I received a hunk of it wrapped in blue plastic wrap. I use it every night and you’re right, it is great for acne.

    I’m out of shea butter but hope to pick up some soon and whip it up with coconut oil and black seed oil. Can’t wait!

  3. My husband calls my ped egg my ‘foot grater.’ -lol- That thing is the truth. Mine is by Microplane and I love it to death.

    I don’t like looking ‘schlumpy’ around the house, but obviously I want to be comfortable while I’m running around behind my son. I’ve found that yoga pants are just as comfortable as sweats, but they fit better and are more slenderizing. I found four pair at TJ Maxx for $20 per pair. I wear them with a tank top or a fitted t-shirt and my look is much more polished.

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