Gotta Love the Nerds

July 20, 2009

Nerd.  There a few images that are conjured by this word, none of them generally associated with masculinity.

A skinny (or chubby) guy with unflattering glasses.

A guy who has not taken the time to learn how to dress in a trendy manner.

Someone incredibly book smart, who shows it all the time.  Whether it’s a new scientific discovery or a little-known historical fact, he loves to learn knew things and share them with others.

Mentally sifting thru the popular culture images, a few other things come to mind.  From Arvid on “Head of the Class”, to Steve Urkel on “Family Matters”, and all the way to my favorite nerd and the star of the above video, Simon from “Firefly”, the nerd always seems to possess other, important attributes.  Let’s take a look:

Kindness– you rarely, or never see The Nerd belittling people for kicks.  He’s the one who always has something nice to say.  He’s always the one offering help.  (It’s actually disturbing that those portrayed as “cool” are often the masters of clever put-downs and experts in thoughtless selfishness).

Courtesy– The Nerd can always be counted on to open the door for a lady, or whip out a hankerchief if one is needed.

Hygiene– The Nerd always has clean fingernails, flossed teeth, and perfectly combed hair.  His shirts are starched, and you can bet he pretreats his laundry for stains.

The Nerd’s main weakness is a lack of self-confidence.  Which is, obviously, a major problem.  Not to mention, a major turnoff.

A nerd with self esteem is a huge catch.  A kind, courteous guy who’s intelligent and comfortable in his own skin?  Jackpot!

The fictional Simon Tam, for example, used his considerable brainpower and all his resources to rescue his sister from the clutches of an evil government bent on tampering with her brain and using her as a weapon.  He put it all on the line to save her, when he could have turned a blind eye and kept his cushy life and prestigious job.  He is not tall or built like Jayne (another Firefly character), nor is he good at fighting.  But what saved his sister, and what helps his new friends, is his intellectual capacity coupled with his strong values like loyalty, love and friendship.

That’s what I call a real man.


To My First Born

July 20, 2009

So, you’re done nursing, have been for years now.

You’re long since said goodbye to diapers and training pants.  No more high chair.

No more kiddie hangers, your clothing fits on regular ones now.

Your car booster was the last bit of little kid paraphernalia to go.  It sits forlornly in the storage room, awaiting the warmth and weight of a younger sibling.  I guess it hit me when I took it out of the car. 

You’re a big kid now.

Love Kara Saun

July 9, 2009