Roslyn Hardy Holcomb

August 26, 2009

Isn't she lovely

Isn't she lovely

Today I am debuting a new category called:  “Work it! Wednesdays.”  The plan is to feature, every week, a black woman doing wonderful things… her way.

I’m pleased to feature romance author Roslyn Hardy Holcomb in the premier edition.  Her stories feature black women getting what we all want, love, romance, and devotion.

So far I have only read her debut novel, Rock Star.  It can be purchased for a mere $6.99 at amazon. rock star(Makes a great gift!)  I hadn’t read a romance novel in some years, and my foray into the fictional town of Maple Fork, Alabama to meet Callie and Bryan did not disappoint.

Mrs. Holcomb is a romance writer and stay at home mom to one very adorable son.   You can find out more about Roslyn at:


Happy Ramadhan

August 25, 2009

ramadhan moon

That’s Hot

August 13, 2009

My family is large, and growing everyday.  Not with more kids, mind you, but man they get bigger and bigger and are eating all. the. time.

As we eat mostly organic, you can imagine what our grocery bill looks like.

I have promised myself that I’m going to approach this homemaking thing more professionally.  That means, among other things, tracking expenses and taking a hard look at where we can cut costs.  There is no doubt that the grocery bill has GOT to come down.  I can make good sandwich bread and dinner rolls. (Masha’allah)  But if we’re to save serious money, I need to make breakfast items like muffins (no problem) and granola (easy as a few ‘net recipes, I’m sure), learn to can, and grow more of our own food.

I have dabbled in gardening and been mostly pleased with the results.  Now is the time to get serious.  We’ve moved to a place with much more space, and once a spot is cleared of brush, weeds, and other unwanted vegetation, we’ll have enough space to grow just about all of our produce. 

The prospect of all that serious gardening is a bit daunting.  Seedstarting mixes, containers, lights, etc. can get quite expensive.  I’m not trying to defeat the purpose of gardening by spending huge amounts on all the paraphenalia.

So imagine my delight when, in my travels I happened upon a mention of a guy on a mission to grow enough food for an entire family on $25!  I’ve checked out the first video, and am already impressed with his ingenuity.  And you know how I admire men who know how to  DO stuff.

Here’s Joe with installment one from the series:


I Might Try This Stuff

August 9, 2009

A makeup video using Iman cosmetics.  This one is for foundation, concealer, and powder.

Mr. Foreverloyal’s hair is very different from mine.

Naturally straight, it is frequently cut, dye-and-perm free, and therefore is in no need of special shampoos or products with names like “Smooth Down Butter Treat” and  “Coconut and Almond Intensive Hair Mask”

Imagine my surprise, then, when I caught him red-handed with a bottle of my deep conditioner.

It went something like this:

Me, *eyebrow raised:  “Um…. What are you doing with my stuff? Your bottle of Suave Ocean Breeze is right over there.  You know my conditioner isn’t good for your hair.”
Him *casual, winning smile, shaking up the conditioner and flipping it open:  “I like this stuff, it’s great for my beard.”  Patting it onto his cheeks and chin “It’s been kind of dry lately.”

 guy in mba

Me: *Leaving the room mumbling about how I better have some left next time I need it.*

So, now I have to make sure to have enough fancy schmancy conditoners for my hair AND his beard.  I can do that.  But if I catch him with a showercap on his beard under my bonnet dryer, we might have a problem.

Enforcing Consequences

August 6, 2009

Don't just sing the song...

Don't just sing the song...

“People don’t care about what you say, they are only concerned with your actions”

I can’t remember the exact quote, but I read something to that effect at one of the BWE blogs.  Aggrieved AA women often do a LOT of complaining amongst themselves about this or that act of disrespect.  Not alot of action taking, we just complain, blow off steam, and then go on.

I believe that we have taught people that there is nothing to be lost by offending us, and so the beat goes on.

I’m calling on each of us to say, “No more.”  It is high time to enforce consequences.

But how?

Well, like I said, less talk, more action.  As Evia pointed out, you need not be loud or rude.  Your neck need not pop.  In fact it’s much better if you channel Claire Huxtable and do it with a smile.


A while back I was in the grocery store with my children.  I experienced an act of casual disrespect and poor customer service from several of the store employees.  Silently fuming, I left with my kids.  For the next few days, every time I thought of it I got mad.  Then I thought, I’m goint to do something about this.  I fired off an email to corporate in what’s known as “nice-nasty” style.  I described the incident, pointed out the fact that their competitor, though farther from my home, has far better prices.  I concluded the email by assuring them that in the future, I would be more careful with my shopping list so as not to have to go there so often.  I was in that place 2 or 3 times a week!

In this age of membership cards, it is easy for a store to pull your records and see how often you shop there and how much you spend.  My family is large and we eat mostly organic/natural.  Trust me, I spent alot of money in that store.  I received a letter from the manager stating that he had reviewed the tape and the employees were indeed at fault.  He said that they had been disciplined and asked me to come in to the store and discuss what they could do to regain my business.

Well, I decided, not much.  I appreciated the responsiveness and acknowledgement of wrongdoing.  But hey, it’s a recession and I need to watch my spending.