That’s Hot

August 13, 2009

My family is large, and growing everyday.  Not with more kids, mind you, but man they get bigger and bigger and are eating all. the. time.

As we eat mostly organic, you can imagine what our grocery bill looks like.

I have promised myself that I’m going to approach this homemaking thing more professionally.  That means, among other things, tracking expenses and taking a hard look at where we can cut costs.  There is no doubt that the grocery bill has GOT to come down.  I can make good sandwich bread and dinner rolls. (Masha’allah)  But if we’re to save serious money, I need to make breakfast items like muffins (no problem) and granola (easy as a few ‘net recipes, I’m sure), learn to can, and grow more of our own food.

I have dabbled in gardening and been mostly pleased with the results.  Now is the time to get serious.  We’ve moved to a place with much more space, and once a spot is cleared of brush, weeds, and other unwanted vegetation, we’ll have enough space to grow just about all of our produce. 

The prospect of all that serious gardening is a bit daunting.  Seedstarting mixes, containers, lights, etc. can get quite expensive.  I’m not trying to defeat the purpose of gardening by spending huge amounts on all the paraphenalia.

So imagine my delight when, in my travels I happened upon a mention of a guy on a mission to grow enough food for an entire family on $25!  I’ve checked out the first video, and am already impressed with his ingenuity.  And you know how I admire men who know how to  DO stuff.

Here’s Joe with installment one from the series:



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