Eight Years Ago Today

September 11, 2009

September 11,  2001


Eight years ago today I was in complete shock.

The towers fell.  And I was horrified.

I was told my cousin was supposed to be in the area that morning.  And I was terrified I’d never see her again.

Muslims of all nationalities were being threatened and attacked. I stayed at home with my toddler for a month.  It was unreal, being seen as a foreigner in my country, a land my family has called home for generations beyond memory.

After a month or so, I was able to reach my cousin.  She hadn’t been there.  I heard that another cousin, one I’d never met, was in the area and lost his life.  I ventured out of the house again, with my husband the first few times.  No incidents.

Life has gone back to normal, but I always worry.  If it will happen again.  Where.  How many lives will be lost.  What family or friend will I lose.  If I will be safe walking down the street with my children.


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