We’re Not Angry, You’re Just Stupid

December 17, 2009

Time to put on the cap and go sit in the cornerA followed a link from CreoleinDC’s blog to a discussion about an article on black women and romance/dating recently published by The Washington Post http://creoleindc.typepad.com/rantings_of_a_creole_prin/2009/12/man-speak.html.  The blog author, who goes by SBM (Single Black Male, though the S could well stand for other things) did the usual song and dance about undateable professional black women and how they need to tone it down and settle.

The lovely Mrs. Mingo was kind enough to offer her perspective, and a differing opinion.

Of course, then she was accused by the blog host and one of the other male commenters of being angry.  One even posted a picture of a dog. (How gentlemanly!)

Um, newsflash.  A black woman disagreeing with you doesn’t make her angry.  It makes her a person who disagrees.  An immediate attempt to invalidate her views by suggestion she is operating on emotion is a lame attempt to deflect attention from your inability to intelligently defend your position.  Suggesting she is a canine of the female variety provides further proof that she needn’t waste her time engaging you at all.


3 Responses to “We’re Not Angry, You’re Just Stupid”

  1. This. I don’t understand why people can’t simply address what you say. All these armchair psychologists are seriously working my nerves.

  2. Spinster Says:


  3. Dawn Says:

    Enough and well said. That is all.

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