Gee, I’m Sooooo Scared!

May 12, 2010

If you think you have it bad with black men, step outside of the community and see if you have it any better. The fact of the matter is, youre only a woman in the black community. Once you step outside that community, you can proclaim you are a woman all you want but you are black first.  –Ranter who shall not be named

I read that little rant and had to laugh, because it is so pathetic.

Pathetic because that was the best the guy could do.

His argument that black women should stay with/support black men is that even though they are bad, other people are worse?

Really though?

If that’s his whole argument, what he’s really doing is pleading the case for why black women should bounce and not look back.

Why not list all the benefits that the “black community” provides?

Black men and women who want to scare black women into staying, physically and mentally, trapped in a black construct always use that same tired threat:  Those other people don’t really care about you.  Those other people will hurt you.  You’re only safe here.  Don’t come crying back to us for help when (fill in the blank horrible thing) happens to you!  Well here’s a newsflash for all those who think like this:  horrible things are happening to black women NOW, where people like YOU hold sway.  Don’t bother threatening that you won’t help me if I leave, because you are useless right now.

Honestly this argument is very reminiscent of the one domestic abusers use on their victims.  “I’m the only one that loves you, you’re so ugly no one else would put up with you, you will only ever have me.”

The black husbands of many of the black women I know personally would not need to say “Other men are worse than me”.  These women look happy and low-stress everytime I see them, largely because their husbands are doing their part.  A man of worth does not need to spew threats and foolishness to get you to stay.  He knows that he has been doing well in providing, protecting, listening, cherishing, and loving.

 Only the scared and insecure need make threats instead of making a case based on reality.  And only the scared, insecure, and uninformed will fall for such nonsense.



3 Responses to “Gee, I’m Sooooo Scared!”

  1. Hello there, ForeverLoyal,


    Yes, it’s very telling that The Ranter Who Shall Not Be Named didn’t (couldn’t) “list all the benefits that the “black community” provides” for AA women. {more chuckling}

    In fact, now that I think about it, I haven’t seen any of these “BW Must Remain Where They Are” ranters provide any list of the benefits BW can reap by staying locked in the bc and AA social constructs. I suppose this is because there are NONE.

    Peace, blessings and solidarity.

  2. foreverloyal Says:

    Sad, ain’t it?

  3. rainebeaux Says:

    Hi again; I know it’s been a while. 😀


    Yeah, that slave talk I’ve since tuned out/run out of patience for. *sigh* boy, if I had just $100 for every time the sperm donor alone said this mess to me, I would’ve left the bc sooner! (See also my latest post.)

    Hmmm: benefits of the *technically-defunct* BC…uh, let me see…okay, give me a minute…uhhh…drat! Nothin’. Gee, I must have missed them! Or maybe the moving truck I rented ran them over…I’m at a loss.

    Well, I suppose the Ranter and his minions will have come up with something new by the time my furniture comes out of layaway…nah, too much like right. 😐

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