So What are You Going to Do About Paula Deen?

June 30, 2013

Whenever some celeb gets in trouble for alleged racism there is always a hue and a cry and a lot of talk, talk, talk.

I applaud all the companies that have made the entirely appropriate response of severing their business relationships this individual.

I’ve never really been interested in her or her products so I have no support to pull.

Consistent positive action, I believe is what will make a difference. I hope all the African-Americans who are upset that they helped make an (alleged) racist rich are giving serious thought to what they do with their dollars. I hope that they are committed to give due consideration to where their money is going all the time and not just when a scandal breaks. And not just, you know, expending a lot of energy on twitter and facebook and blogs reacting.

Don’t get me wrong. Boycotts and letter-writing campaigns can indeed be useful. But one has to be proactive as well. Personally, I went and bought that Patti Labelle cookbook I’ve had my eye on for some time now.


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