And I Was All Happy, Too…

October 16, 2008

So, last week I finished my bedroom drapes!  They are gorgeous masha’allah, even if I do say so myself.  I lined them in blackout lining to help insulate the room and to help Mr. Foreverloyal sleep in on the weekends.

I went back and pressed and properly finished the first two panels I made so that it all looks professional.  The curtains are hung on pewter clip rings on a brushed nickel finish rod with an acrylic ball finial.  I love to get up in the morning and throw back the curtains.  They slide across the rod with a satisfying “SCHWING!”  Previously, I made sheers with a swirly design.

Now, I have never made curtains before, and these were ALOT of work.  The fabric came on a heavy-duty cardboard roll taller than I am.  To lay out and cut I had to first sweep the floor and make sure there were no oil spots or bits of jam that would stain the fabric. (I have kids, dontcha know).  Then I had to move the yardstick along, measuring out 106 inches.  I would then cut the fabric.  Then I would get my cutting mat and quilt ruler and make sure the edge was even.  Do the same to cut the lining. Then pin, sew, press.  Pin, sew, press. Repeat six times.

All this had to be done on hands and knees, so it was a bit uncomfortable.  I had to either place a folded prayer rug or a pillow under my knees to keep them from hurting. 

But it was all worth it.  I was done!  I had beautiful, custom curtains and saved us a ton of moolah. 

Then, the other morning, while enjoying the “SCHWING!” of throwing open the curtains, I beheld a most unwelcome sight:  A large rip in the middle of one of the sheers.  How did it happen?  Well, I have kids, dontcha know.  Kids that obviously must be banned from the master bedroom.  So now, with a heavy heart, I must go back to the fabric store with a gaggle of kids in tow.  I must lay out fabric.  I must measure. I must cut.  I must sew.  I must press.

Just when I thought I was done…


Well, DUH!

August 12, 2008

a necessary sewing tool

a necessary sewing tool

So I’m making curtain panels for the master bedroom.  Yeah I know it’s taking forever but I have a bunch of kids under ten, have had to run the big ones to camp, chase the little ones around and clean their bums, weed the garden, do the shopping, etc.  Plus I have to have my internet time… (shut up!)

Mr. Foreverloyal put the first one up about 2 weeks ago and observed that it didn’t look quite right.  We determined that even though the windows are narrow, they should have two panels instead of one.  I also realized I had probably made a significant error, but I kept that to myself.  Anyway, yay more work for me.

Anyway, so I start work on panel number three, and decided I would, um, PRESS THE SEAMS as I sewed.  I had previously figured that since I wasn’t making clothing, maybe it wouldn’t matter.  It was just a big rectangle, so not pressing wasn’t a big deal, right?  Wrong.  When I took the time to do it right instead of cutting corners, I was amazed, and so was my husband.

He put up the new panel, and the other not-so-great panel this past weekend.  He told me that the new one looks “professionally done.”  He was impressed.  Me–beaming with pride (I like to impress my husband).  So I have three more to make, and I will be pressing those seams.  When they are done I will take down the two not-so-great ones and see if some belated pressing will make a difference.

I can’t believe I skipped that step before.  And to think, I have aspirations of being the muslim Erica B.

Er, don’t tell Erica B. about this, okay?


I finished another curtain panel yesterday!  YAY!

I am so close now.  Just a little more sewing and I’m DONE.  Then I get to buy hardware and have Mr. Foreverloyal break out the powerdrill, ladder and level and do his part.

Now the question is… what style hardware?  Ball finial? Scroll? Leaf?  Do I go with a brushed nickel finish or wrought iron?  Linens N’ Things or Target?

Decisions, decisions.

Home Decor

May 30, 2008

living roomI was at an associate’s house yesterday.  It is beautiful.  Every room painted, window-treated, furnished, accessorized.

We live in the same neighborhood and moved in around the same time. She and her dh are done.  Me and mine are, em, not. 

Don’t get me wrong, our place isn’t completely barren.  We’ve made a bit of progress but there isn’t a SINGLE room that is TOTALLY finished.  I really need to get on that.  It’s funny how after awhile, you stop seeing the blue painter’s tape and the vinyl “temporary” blinds.  I put “temporary” in quotes because I’ve had mine up for years now, though some windows do have actual blinds.  (Wood blinds do alot to warm up a room, by the way.)

Anyway, her house is so marvelously comfortable and welcoming, I want to achieve the same effect in my house, foreverloyal style. (Mr. Foreverloyal has told me he doesn’t really care about the decorating style.  He just wants it done, and kept neat/clean, and he’s happy.)

Time to go shopping and pull out the sewing machine!