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August 13, 2009

My family is large, and growing everyday.  Not with more kids, mind you, but man they get bigger and bigger and are eating all. the. time.

As we eat mostly organic, you can imagine what our grocery bill looks like.

I have promised myself that I’m going to approach this homemaking thing more professionally.  That means, among other things, tracking expenses and taking a hard look at where we can cut costs.  There is no doubt that the grocery bill has GOT to come down.  I can make good sandwich bread and dinner rolls. (Masha’allah)  But if we’re to save serious money, I need to make breakfast items like muffins (no problem) and granola (easy as a few ‘net recipes, I’m sure), learn to can, and grow more of our own food.

I have dabbled in gardening and been mostly pleased with the results.  Now is the time to get serious.  We’ve moved to a place with much more space, and once a spot is cleared of brush, weeds, and other unwanted vegetation, we’ll have enough space to grow just about all of our produce. 

The prospect of all that serious gardening is a bit daunting.  Seedstarting mixes, containers, lights, etc. can get quite expensive.  I’m not trying to defeat the purpose of gardening by spending huge amounts on all the paraphenalia.

So imagine my delight when, in my travels I happened upon a mention of a guy on a mission to grow enough food for an entire family on $25!  I’ve checked out the first video, and am already impressed with his ingenuity.  And you know how I admire men who know how to  DO stuff.

Here’s Joe with installment one from the series:




March 27, 2009

I hit the Lowe’s today to get just a few things. I only meant to pick up some Mr. Clean Magic Erasers (a necessity if you have small children) and some Drano for the sinks in the master bath.  But I pulled up to the store and oh my goodness!  The spring stuff is out! Tomato plants and lavender and rosemary, mint, cilantro, and of course, STRAWBERRIES!

I couldn’t resist getting an 8pack.

I just have to figure out a way to keep that darn chipmunk out of my garden this year.

yummyliciousness for the backyard

yummyliciousness for the backyard

And I Was All Happy, Too…

October 16, 2008

So, last week I finished my bedroom drapes!  They are gorgeous masha’allah, even if I do say so myself.  I lined them in blackout lining to help insulate the room and to help Mr. Foreverloyal sleep in on the weekends.

I went back and pressed and properly finished the first two panels I made so that it all looks professional.  The curtains are hung on pewter clip rings on a brushed nickel finish rod with an acrylic ball finial.  I love to get up in the morning and throw back the curtains.  They slide across the rod with a satisfying “SCHWING!”  Previously, I made sheers with a swirly design.

Now, I have never made curtains before, and these were ALOT of work.  The fabric came on a heavy-duty cardboard roll taller than I am.  To lay out and cut I had to first sweep the floor and make sure there were no oil spots or bits of jam that would stain the fabric. (I have kids, dontcha know).  Then I had to move the yardstick along, measuring out 106 inches.  I would then cut the fabric.  Then I would get my cutting mat and quilt ruler and make sure the edge was even.  Do the same to cut the lining. Then pin, sew, press.  Pin, sew, press. Repeat six times.

All this had to be done on hands and knees, so it was a bit uncomfortable.  I had to either place a folded prayer rug or a pillow under my knees to keep them from hurting. 

But it was all worth it.  I was done!  I had beautiful, custom curtains and saved us a ton of moolah. 

Then, the other morning, while enjoying the “SCHWING!” of throwing open the curtains, I beheld a most unwelcome sight:  A large rip in the middle of one of the sheers.  How did it happen?  Well, I have kids, dontcha know.  Kids that obviously must be banned from the master bedroom.  So now, with a heavy heart, I must go back to the fabric store with a gaggle of kids in tow.  I must lay out fabric.  I must measure. I must cut.  I must sew.  I must press.

Just when I thought I was done…

The Rug Doctor is the TRUTH!

September 24, 2008

It works!It really gets the dirt out of the carpet.  Here is someone else’s review, I’m too lazy to type one out: do not even want to tell you about the dark grey, murky water that came off my steps yesterday.

Oh, I guess I just did.

I need to rent it again and do my minivan.