What’s Up, FL?

March 25, 2013


Well, I’ve been busy (who hasn’t?) and just lost the will to blog awhile ago.  I’m starting to feel the urge again.   I’ve given some thought to topics I would cover, and whether there should be separate blogs.  Should I keep this blog as a free-for-all for whatever is, as the blog states, “On My Mind”?  Or should I specialize?

Lately I’ve been thinking about Islam and the ways in which people lose it or change the way they live it, the meaning and practical application of fashion, and various topics that relate to BWE.

Where will I go? 

We’ll see.



Eid Mubarak

August 30, 2011

Got up and got all the kids ready (with alot of help from the Mister) and got to the first prayer.
In the middle of making an Oreo Ice Cream Cake for the first time. If it’s any good I’ll let you know.

I Have Something to Say

November 5, 2010

With all the BWE blogs on fire lately, I’ve just been sitting back and reading.  But new posts are coming soon insha’allah.

No Wedding, No Womb

September 8, 2010

I’ll be there.   Go, Christelyn, Go!

I went to get some maintenance done on my face at the salon the other day.

A basic face takes only 5 minutes. And you're worth it

I didn’t wear makeup there, and once done, I would ordinarily run my one or two post-salon errands makeup-free as well.

But, in the interests of looking polished at all times, I implemented a new policy.

After I was all done, I went in the salon’s restroom and took 5 minutes to do my everyday routine.  As Khadija said, we should strive to always step out looking our best.  Or, as Miss Monica Mingo puts it, “Be more vain!”

He’s All That

April 4, 2010

I love you, Mr. Foreverloyal

There’s never been a time when I needed you that you weren’t there.

You are more than I could have dreamed up, and exactly what I need.

Been Busy

October 11, 2009

busy beaverI’ve been super-busy with the kids and house, and haven’t been giving much attention to blogging.

I plan to get back to at least weekly posts soon.

Eight Years Ago Today

September 11, 2009

September 11,  2001


Eight years ago today I was in complete shock.

The towers fell.  And I was horrified.

I was told my cousin was supposed to be in the area that morning.  And I was terrified I’d never see her again.

Muslims of all nationalities were being threatened and attacked. I stayed at home with my toddler for a month.  It was unreal, being seen as a foreigner in my country, a land my family has called home for generations beyond memory.

After a month or so, I was able to reach my cousin.  She hadn’t been there.  I heard that another cousin, one I’d never met, was in the area and lost his life.  I ventured out of the house again, with my husband the first few times.  No incidents.

Life has gone back to normal, but I always worry.  If it will happen again.  Where.  How many lives will be lost.  What family or friend will I lose.  If I will be safe walking down the street with my children.

I Might Try This Stuff

August 9, 2009

A makeup video using Iman cosmetics.  This one is for foundation, concealer, and powder.


“Sirdeaner L. Walker discovered her son, Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover, hanging by an extension cord in her Springfield home on April 6. Walker said her sixth-grade student at the New Leadership Charter School, was often the target of gay jokes and was threatened with physical violence on a daily basis. The young football and basketball athlete, who was also a Boy Scout, took his own life when anti-gay bullying and constant harassment became too much for him to endure. Since September, the boy’s mother made frequents phone calls to the school’s administrative staff and pleaded for them to address the situation but claims to have gotten minimal response.”

Being financially secure means that if your child in suffering in school like this, you can easily flip the school the bird and remove your child from that environment. The duty to “provide and protect” is an important one.