Good stuff

I like to buy natural beauty products.  I can’t say that all my beauty loot is natural, but a fair amount of it is.  The latest thing I’ve tried is Jojoba Hemp Conditioning Shampoo, made by  First, the good news:  It is paraben, DEA, and sulfate free!  A reading of the ingredients list reveals one natural ingredient after another.  This is a relief because so many shampoos contain a mere drop of their advertised “natural ingredient”, the rest of the concoction being decidedly unnatural.

It’s scent is light, and it lathers well.  My hair was left soft and fresh, but not stripped.  I used it on my son last night and it was great for his nearly straight hair as well. (which probably means I’ll catch my husband using it soon, but that’s another post.

Unfortunately, the shipping was a little slow.  Perhaps I’m just spoiled by larger online stores.  However, the product is worth it, and of course I love supporting small business.  Here’s hoping more people will patronize shescentit so she can upgrade to warehouses and drop shipping.

In the meantime, I’ll just be sure to order well before I run out of this bottle.

Go forth and be gorgeous.